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We create greater value by being faithful to the basics.


We open a better future
with creative thinking, passion, constant innovation, and challenge.


A promise with our customers that has been continuded
for long time together is most important to us.

Humility, Passion, Gratitude

A global company leading the future
with the best technology and R&D

Certs & Patents

Lift axle specific manufacturer
with the best technology in Korea

Vibration-free air suspension mounting system
Heavy truck one link & two Link pusher/tag, Heavy truck pusher/tag
A differentiated mechanism was applied in consideration of customer needs and operating environment.

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A new trending special vehicle
in Korean transportation market

Product line-up of manufacturer specializing in lift axle of commercial vehicle and special vehicle
We would like to share the premium value from Korea Triaxle with more customers.

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khan before khan after

Rexton Sports KHAN

Realizaion of various special equipment line up with wheelbase extension

Korea Triaxle, specialized in special vehicle wheelbase extension maker, provides the best value with customers, has improved safety and robustness with its advanced technology, and is taking a step forward with its extensive nationwide service network.

Improved driving safety with Korea Triaxle's technology

Extension of the wheelbase by 460mm to ensures driving stability, increase of loading capacity when changing the structure of a special vehicle, and block of impact on the road surface due to rough roads and speed bumps and provision of the best safety by attaching the engine and suspension system to the frame.


By extending the wheelbase of the 4X4-based Rexton Sports Khan by 460mm, we create the best motorhome by securing driving stability, interior space and loading space.

Mobile bath vehicle

Korea Triaxle's Rexton Sports Khan, a frame type vehicle, can be used as vehicle for disabled person and elderly by installing rear lifting and is easy to provide bathing services for the disabled person by installing various bathing systems and securing space.


We secure driving stability by strong four wheels and a 460mm wheelbase extension, in case of emergency rescue activities in the city center and unpaved roads, expanding space to easily mount various rescue equipment of the ambulance, and by provising the best safety through blocking excessive road impact.

We change the paradigm of future vehicles.

Electric truck SSEYO

Development of SUEV commercialization technology
Demonstration stage of unmanned vehicle for waste collection in residential complex household
Integrated autonomous driving test (Cut-in / Cut-out, vehicle tracking, stop by human recognition)
Integrated autonomous driving test (Curve test)
Integrated autonomous driving test (Operation of emergency control, external left/right remote control)

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