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Company Introduction

CEO Greetings


A company that shares the best value with its customers.
We sincerely appreciate your continued interest and support for Korea Triaxle.

All employees of Korea Triaxle , based on the trust of our customers, are marking every efforts to provide the best value to customers with the best quality, future-leading technology, and prompt and accurate service.

Since its establishment in 2004, Korea Triaxle has become a leader in the lift axle industry through ceaseless R&D and realization of the highest quality. In addition, it is equipped with a comprehensive special vehicle manufacturer through various businesses such as medium and heavy type speciall vehicles, air suspension, steel loading boxes, Hyundai commercial service (Blue Hands) and ZF service.

In addition, Korea Triaxle is taking the lead in the long-body truck market of 1 ton light trucks (Porter and Bongo), and is dedicated to future-oriented business expansion by making continuous efforts and investments in the development of electric vehicles and special agricultural vehicles. We will continue to share best value with our customers and strive to become a trusted company.

Thank you.

Gu Hyeon, Ryu, CEO, Korea Triaxle Co., Ltd

Business Introduction

Korea Triaxle takes a leap forward as a special vehicle comprehensive company
by strengthening R&D and developing future growth engine items.

Lift axle

Specialized in lift axle for medium/heavy type trucks
(Manufacture and installation of Pusher/Tag Axle and Suspension Parts)

Special vehicle

Domestic/imported cargo truck basic special vehicle integration
(Crane vehicle, dust dump, wing body, arm roll, tank lorry, trailer, etc.)
Medium type tractor
Multi-purpose electric vehicle (SUEV)

1 ton long body truck

Largest additional loaading space in Korea of 830mm
Profitability improvement by increased loading space

Steel cargo box

Application of the largest inner width of 2,430mm in Korea
Use of lightweight parts
High tensile steel floor board

Hyundai commercial (Blue Hands)

Commercial truck and bus maintenance business
(Operation of Hyundai Motor Company designated Service Center)
ZF Service

A/S and parts sales

Sales of air suspension and lift axle parts
29 service centers nationwide

Company Motto

Motto of Korea Triaxle


Corporate Identity of Korea Triaxle

Symbol mark

The Korea Triaxle logo was designed referring the shape of lift axle.
In particular, unity was considered in the design to strengthen consumer awareness, and the company's characteristics and uniqueness were emphasized while improving readability.

Korean logo signature

English logo signature

Character / decal

Color system

PANTONE Reflex Blue M
Process : C100 / M80

PANTONE Orange 021 M
Process : M53 / Y100

PANTONE Reflex Blue M
Process : K50

Process : K30

Process : K15

Basic color : Black & White


Korea Triaxle boasts the best technology in Korea as a professional lift axle maker.


2020. 01.

Selected as a participating company in the development of unmanned low-speed special vehicles in Gwangju Free Special Zone


2019. 09.

Porter/Bongo Long Cargo Enhanced Euro Vehicle Released

2019. 01.

Launched Bongo 1 ton 4X4 and 1.2 ton long cargo


2018. 11.

Building a smart factory system

2018. 10.

Selected as Hyundai Motors High-Tech Blue Hands


2017. 11.

Patent registration for 1 ton truck and extension frame for cargo vehicle

2017. 11.

Selected as the lead organization for the development of a shared chassis platform for eco-friendly vehicles

2017. 09.

Completed development of Mighty 3.5 ton long cargo truck

2017. 03.

Selected as a medium·large special feature company by CJ Logistics


2016. 11.

Completion of technology development for multi-purpose electric vehicle (SUEV) commercialization

2016. 09.

Completed development of 1 ton long body truck 'Euro 6' specification

2017. 09.

Acquired S grade in '2016 Service Competency Assessment' (commercial vehicle maintenance)


2015. 12.

Completed development of 1 ton long body truck and launched mass production

2015. 11.

Citations from Gwangju Metropolitan City Mayor and Jeonnam Provincial Governor (Lee Nak-yeon)

2015. 09.

Acquired Innobiz certification (Director of Small and Medium Business Administration)


2014. 11.

Commencement of commercialization technology development for multi-purpose electric vehicle (SUEV)


2013. 05.

Gwangju Woljeon-dong factory acquisition (5,500 pyeong)

2013. 01.

Medium tractor development


2012. 10.

Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology IT MT convergence joint technology development business agreement

2012. 09.

Established corporate research institute


2011. 11.

Large rear air suspension caster adjuster patent registration

2011. 01.

Patent registration for pneumatic electric regulator and lift axle electric control system

2011. 09.

Selected as a promising small and medium-sized business in Gwangju


2010. 11.

Acquired ISO90001 certification for quality management system

2010. 10.

Citations from Gwangju Metropolitan City Mayor and Jeonnam Provincial Governor (Lee Nak-yeon)

2010. 06.

Completed Jangseong Factory (8,800 pyeong)

2010. 03.

Commendation for sincere taxpayer by the National Tax Service


2009. 11.

Established Sandan Vehicle Maintenance Co., Ltd. (Suncheon, Jeollanam-do)

2009. 01.

Designated as a venture company (Small and Medium Business Corporation)


2007. 05.

Qualification to participate in competitive bidding (Public Procurement Service)


2005. 01.

Medium Truck Self-Certification (Same rear Track lift axle)

2005. 01.

Development of Air Suspension for Heavy Cargo Trucks


2004. 12.

Completed development of the first Lift Axle Double Tire Suspension in Korea

2004. 07.

Acquisition of Manufacturer Registration (Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)

2004. 07.

Established Korea Triaxle Corporation

Organization Chart

Organization Chart of Korea Triaxle


Location of Plant Jangseong, Korea Triaxle Co., Ltd.


Plant Address: 15-21, Wonnampyeong-gil, Donghwa-myeon, Jangseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea

  • TEL : 061)390-8700
  • FAX : 061)390-8710


  • Jangseong-eup, Jangseong IC direction: Donghwa Intersection → After moving 1.2km, turn right at Donghwa IC intersection
  • Hampyeong, Sangmudae direction: Turn right at Donghwa IC intersection
  • Gwangju, Naju direction: Turn right before entering Donghwa IC intersection → After moving 0.1km, turn left → After moving 0.2km, turn left → Pass through Nampyeong Overpass
  • When coming from the direction of Jangseong-eup or Jangseong IC, be careful to turn right when entering the main gate!