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Special Vehicle Products

Special vehicle, a new trend in the domestic transportation market

We want to share the premium value of Korea Triaxle with more customers.

Development of eco-friendly LNG medium type tractor

The eco-friendly trend of the domestic transportation market
and the government policy of sustainable energy vision for 2040 have been realized.


Engine change

- Diesel engine → LNG engine (Euro 6)


Post-processing change

- DPF → Three-way catalyst (Euro 6)


Fuel tank change

- Diesel (LH frame mounted) → LNG (frame top mounted)


Main, chassis wiring change

- Development of harness suitable for Euro 6 environment


Optimization of fuel and airline

- Layout arrangement considering maintainability

Steel cargo box

Application of inner width of 2,430mm, largest in Korea
Use of lightweight parts
High tensile steel floor board
Wheelbase: 1,380mm / 1,430mm

Steel cargo box

Length 10,200mm
Width 2,430mm
Height 400mm
Vehicle cab color (option)

Lightweight middle partition

Removable partition

Lightweight aluminum door

Application of lightweight, durable, and oxidation-resistant aluminum door

Door detachment

Detachable aluminum door

High tensile steel floor board

Application of high tensile steel plate (ATOS) floor board

Lightweight hinge


Inclination angle measurement

Maximum weight guage 40 tons, axle weight 20 tons
Installation of tester for maximum safety inclination angle